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Google AdWords is one of the best tools your shop can use to bring in customers, both new and existing. As a Google Premier Partner, Kukui offers our clients top quality AdWords campaigns that can help grow your incoming leads and revenue. Kukui customers average an astounding 6 to 1 return on investment on their AdWords campaigns, and you can too by joining Kukui's All-in-One Success Platform.

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For a limited time, if you have not yet gotten started with AdWords we can make it easy for you to get going. Spend $150 in your first month, and we'll match it with another $150 to show you just how effective Google Adwords is.

Why Choose Kukui

Kukui’s success platform includes many AdWords tracking tools that allow you to check up on campaign performance metrics like clicks, impressions and more. By integrating with your POS-system, Kukui can show you how many clients came in from AdWords, the exact amount they spent, as well as the ability to listen to the calls for training purposes.

AdWords-Optimized Websites

Kukui's websites are optimized for a high Quality Score, a metric that Google uses to determine which ads to show up on a Google search results page. The sites are all mobile-friendly, incorporate different landing pages for all car models your service, and are built to get you leads more frequently - factors Google takes into account when choosing ads.

Google Adwords Case Study

Find out how Kukui’s All-in-One Success Platform helped South Street Auto Care streamline Google AdWords and find success:

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adwords case study