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Making your auto repair shop success visible

Kukui’s All-in-One Success Platform has always been striving to help businesses nationwide flourish and develop. We have found that the best way to perform better in the automotive industry is to understand your customers, your shop’s strengths and weaknesses , and to learn from the analytical data that our platform provides. Below you will find a complete guide on how to increase your profits by analyzing the data Kukui provides for you.

Kukui Dashboard

Your all-in-one
performance dashboard

Utilize our easy-to-use performance analytics dashboard with immediate access to your shop’s revenue, car count, customer conversion rate, email address capture rate, and much more. These metrics will help you better understand your shop’s performance and pinpoint certain areas to improve upon to increase profits and get more customers into your shop.

Kukui Reviews

Keeping you up to date with
your online reputation

With the Kukui Reviews module, you can stay updated will all of the current and past reviews left on your shop’s website. Read over recent reviews to understand the experience of your customers and evaluate if any changes need to be made to provide a more positive experience for your customers. This feature also includes an option to submit responses to your customers to thank them for their feedback or address any concerns directly.

Customers map

Analyze your customer’s behaviour

With the newest addition to our control panel, you are now able to check how much you earn in different parts of your local area which enables you to potentially grow your business by targeting new blocks of your city that you haven’t yet captured customers in . Also, you can now easily monitor the performance of every marketing campaign type you have, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Yelp Ads, Google SEO efforts, direct website visits and direct mail.

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Kukui Reports

Custom reports based on your needs

Kukui offers custom reporting of measurable analytics from paid advertising, email marketing, SEO ranking, and more. Easily understand how much you are spending and your exact return on investment for the customers that you are bringing into your shop. These reports help you see how much money you are generating from marketing campaigns and will guide us in determining what changes can be made, if any, to make your campaigns even more effective.

Kukui Leads

Understanding the
source of your customer leads

With the Kukui Leads module, you can see exactly which source your customers are coming from. Our use of unique tracking numbers allows us to differentiate customer calls from your website, marketing campaigns, email blasts, and much more. Understand the most prominent source of your customers and which sources you can work to improve to bring in more leads.

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