Connect SMS Rerelease and Changes

By: Maureen McKane & Kaeli Hall

It’s baaaaaack! Our clients wanted a seamless text message communication service with their customers, and in 2019 we introduced our first generation product, Kukui Connect. After listening to your feedback on the first version, we decided to give Kukui Connect a makeover, add some new features, remove some features that were getting in the way, and with that, we introduce to you the new and improved: Connect SMS.

Let’s talk about texting! Love it or hate it, your customers want you to text them. Some surveys say that regardless of generation, 2/3s of customers prefer a text message over a phone call and over 90% prefer a text message to a voicemail. These are just a few reasons why text messages are a big part of the conversation these days, and with Connect SMS we’re making it easier than ever to keep up with the trends.

What can Connect SMS do? 

Connect SMS is a seamless text message communication tool, with its own designated tab right at the top of your Kukui Control Panel.



Less is more! Connect provides a simple, clean user interface to communicate with your customers through an intuitive chat window. 



On the go? We have a mobile app available for both IoS and Android operating systems!

Settings, settings, settings!




Mute: Not every user needs every notification every time!  Any user can mute their incoming notifications any time.

Snooze: Got a meeting? Have a busy front desk? You can snooze notifications for however long you need until you’re ready to get back at it. 

Auto Reply: No one can monitor messages all the time. You can set an auto reply up whenever you’re not there to moderate your incoming messages. Choose from one or our suggestions or write your own! 






How do I get Connect SMS?


I’ve got good news for you. Connect SMS is just one component of our robust Text Connect Platform. If you’re already signed up for the platform, Connect SMS is already part of that package!


Not subscribed yet? The Text Connect Platform comes with:

Text Message Review Requests: Build your online reputation via text!

Text Marketing: Drive customers to your business via text!

Connect SMS: Build your relationships with your customers via text!

Can you handle any more good news? We are still adding features to this platform, so if you sign up now you’ll be the first to get access to all of our texting features as they roll out. If you call soon, you might be able to snag some promotional pricing too. Schedule a demo to learn more!


Product Updates
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