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Jimmy Lee here with the Secrets of Shop Owner Success. Joining me today is Phil Sylvester with Councours Motors. So excited to have him here today. We're going to talk about Councours and what you guys are doing, which is so amazing. Thank you for being here.  So the question for you during these interesting economic times. What are you doing that separates you from the competition? 


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Well, the biggest thing that we're doing is offering it's going over the top with customer service. We're doing touchless car delivery and pickup disinfecting of keys. We have a key drop. The customers don't even have to come in. We can text them the repair orders. They can pay over the phone. We have lockboxes. We're doing pickup and delivery of cars. We're doing everything we can to make it easier for the customer to get their vehicle serviced and repaired If there is an emergency. We take care of them in any way we can. Phenomenal, and that's the complete contactless service. Yeah, disinfect the cars and the keys on the intake. And then disinfect the outside. Well, absolutely amazing. 

That's wonderful. And what do you do? What's your secret to success that has given you the most joy or the most to the community. What have you done this year that is Amazing?
You know, that's a great question, Jimmy. Probably the one to one biggest thing that I've enjoyed in the 11 years I've been here is that we started a  car giveaway called "Wheels to Shine" program. And what that is is every year. We give a car away to a Needy family. And it'll be our third year doing it. And every year it just gets better and better and more welcome. And I just get the feeling you get from that outreach the community. 

It's over the top. It really is. You see, the people come in, and you know how that changes their lives. And we also give out a year's worth of maintenance away with that car. So we don't put an extra burden on them all of a sudden getting a vehicle. The first two cars were Volkswagens. Last year was a Mercedes. This year it is going to be a BMW. We're going on our fourth year. And that's probably the biggest, most heartfelt thing that we do that.  

We have everybody here, we have food and a giveaway. And we have a d.j. It's just so cool that everybody comes and our customers come to support the people that are getting it. Nobody knows who's getting it until the name is called. And then to see their face when their name gets called is just so cool. 

Totally nice.  So what's the process of someone to apply and what have you seen in that application process. 

So the first thing once we get the car and we go through the car and get it roadworthy whatever it needs. We take care of it. We've had blown engines we fix that whatever it takes. We get a nice safe, roadworthy car. Yeah, So the technicians would each. And here's the other cool part. The technician plays a part in it by taking ownership of volunteering his time to fix the car. Beautiful! We supply the parts obviously. No need for excess labor. And then we make this car roadworthy and nice and clean and whatever it takes. And so there's a joint process there. Then we start posting, and we have a Wheels to Shine board website. And last year, I think we had 260ish nominees for it. Yeah, And so it's a straightforward process. If you knew someone that needed a car in this area, that would benefit them. We'd go. You would go on the website, and we'd go and nominate them you answer three or four short questions. There's a little if you want to expand on the questions. There's room to do so. Sure go in there answer and nominate it takes, then it goes to a third party and then the third party. We have a closed date, obviously. So between this date. And this date we take that cumulative all those people. And it gets nominated down by a third party. So it's not biased. No one can say, oh, well, you're friends with Phil Yeah. No wonder you got the car, whatever. We have nothing to do with who gets it. Yeah, we just supply it. Make it happen. And go from there. That's beautiful. Yeah, So the customers love it. The community loves it. You as a shop you love it. And technicians love it. I'm sure they get behind this and feel good that comes from giving service to others. Yeah, it's one of the best days that concourse. Yeah Yeah, for sure. It's so cool. Phenomenal so cool. That's wonderful. It's such a great program that you're doing there. And now he's back to everybody. Yeah, we really enjoy it. Well, from this and this experience that you've got going forward. What do you see are some of the experiences of the services that you provide that you see carrying on through to our new fantastic our new future. It's evolving. It's not ending yet. It is not set in stone. But what I can see happening is there's customer service is key. The process of which we inspect cars is key. We'll have to go above and beyond both in all aspects. When I see that, that's going to be key in keeping things going. It's been said that some shops have even done shopping for elderly customers. I get it.  And we would do that too if it seems feasible for us. Sure, absolutely. We've had several elderly customers. Can you come to get my car? Yes. By the way. It needs gas, can we do that. Yes, we'll do that. So it's about being friendly and willing. Yes Yes. Customer service goes a tremendous way in helping out their situation and then communicating with them. Here are all the services that we're going to continue to do for years and provide it as a contactless service. Yeah, exactly. So that's. That's the second part of it. We have to let the customers know how we're going to help them and keep them safe. And this, in addition to that, the process of which we use to inspect the cars. So they get educated on why it's important to service these vehicles, even though you might not be driving as much now there are still things that need to happen to your car. Not driving it is also not good for the car. You know there are some things that you need to do to get service by time. 

You're so beautiful.  Well, thank you for talking to us. Thank you for joining us. Secrets of success come in customer service communication. You want to have your heartstrings pulled on a little bit. Get ready to give away a car if you need some advice on how that process works.  He'll help you out there with that process. Communicate it goes a long way. 

Thank you for joining us. 


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