Kukui's All-in-One Success Platform®

Kukui's All-in-One Success Platform is helping more than a thousand repair shops take their business to the next level. Designed with input from coaches and customers in the automotive industry, Kukui’s robust features are designed to take your business to the next level.


Conversion-Optimized websites

Discover all the ways Kukui can help your business succeed.

Kukui’s custom-branded websites are built to drive quality leads from the web to your shop. With responsive designs, your customers can check out your website and make appointments anywhere from their computers to smartphones. Every website designed by our expert team incorporates elements that will build trust between you and your customers. More importantly, our websites reflect the personality and creativity of their owners.

New Customer Acquisition

90% of consumers now use search engines to shop locally. As a Google Premier Partner, we understand that a customized marketing approach is necessary to help business owners reach new customers. Our team runs AdWords Campaigns on your behalf with a high degree of specificity using data, research, and creativity to drive results and boost sales. Whether you want to target a key audience, increase leads, or simply build brand awareness, we’ll use our expertise to help you reach your goals.


We know that business owners value their customers and require a depth of information to better serve them. We strongly believe that it is a business philosophy, not a technical solution. By integrating with your shop management system, the Kukui Success Platform is able to provide crucial customer information and quality data so that your business can build loyalty throughout the customer life cycle. Seamlessly view, manage, and organize all points of contact in one easy-to-use dashboard.