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Introducing Kukui Certified

Kukui is always looking for ways to help the independent auto repair industry, which is why we are launching a new recognition program called Kukui Certified. Through this certification program, a network of coaching and training organizations, software providers, and repair shops that meet a rigid set of standards and best practices are identified and promoted through the Kukui Certified family. Our goal is to help shop owners succeed, and Kukui Certified partners will help you do exactly that.

A certification for everyone

We’re hand selecting a network of individuals, programs, and shops that embody Kukui’s mission of passionately improving technology for the betterment of people and businesses worldwide.

kukui certified coach

Kukui Certified Coach

We’ve evaluated dozens of coaches and training organizations, identifying only a handful of “Top-Tier” members that we believe can help shop owners succeed.

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kukui certified partner

Kukui Certified Partner

Kukui will evaluate software and service providers in search of the best of the best. These partners will work the best not only for our clients, but also seamlessly integrate with our Kukui All-in-One Success Solution

kukui certified shop

Kukui Certified Shop

Kukui will begin awarding the Kukui Certified recognition to shops that have exhibited the highest levels of success regarding customer satisfaction, team synergy, community support, and continued growth. This certification is intended to promote these top shops to motorists as trusted and recognized members of their community who are focused on the needs of their customers.