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We have been with Kukui for 12 months and the results have exceeded my expectations again and again. They are truly amazing.
Mary Kemnitz D&H Enterprises, Concord, CA
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Kukui Corporation Joins Forces With Virtual Service Advisor Feb 28, 2014

Kukui Corporation, a developer of marketing software solutions for the automotive repair industry, is teaming with Virtual Service Advisor, a new customer communication program. The program can be seamlessly integrated with Kukui’s revolutionary marketing platform, equipping automotive repair shop owners with new knowledge about their customers and where they’re coming from.

“The amazing team at Kukui has created an award-winning technology platform that will allow Virtual Service Advisor to thrive and will greatly benefit shops that desire additional sales, better profits and unique purchasing insight from their service clients,” said Greg Buckley, developer of the Virtual Service Advisor program and owner of Buckley’s Auto Care in Wilmington, Delaware.

“The combination of Kukui and the Virtual Service Advisor system now offers the shop owner a true view of the service client's path throughout the marketing and sales funnel.”

The Virtual Service Advisor features custom-made, pre-appointment interview forms that are sent to customers in advance, allowing them to offer additional information about their service needs without feeling rushed at a service counter. Having this information helps shops process tickets faster and sell more service without saying a word.

“The Virtual Service Advisor is something every business can use. We chose to partner with the program because after our extensive research, the data showed that at a minimum, every shop on Virtual Service Advisor pre-sold 15 percent more parts and services before the consumer got to the shop,” said Todd Westerlund, president of Kukui’s U.S. operations.

Under the partnership, Kukui customers will be able to sign up for the Virtual Service Advisor at a 30 percent discount. The price includes custom forms, headers and full analytic integration into the Kukui portal.

Kukui provides detailed data on how much business a shop owner’s marketing channels are generating. The company’s product suite also includes smart web pages that are optimized to boost sales conversion rates, a simple-to-use Content Management System that is integrated with a shop’s Point-of-Sale system and customer retention tools such as email service reminders.

Kukui will also be offering to waive design fees (a $999 value) for Virtual Service Advisor clients who want to subscribe to the Kukui platform.

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Kukui Corporation Hosts First Automotive Trade Show Feb 28, 2014

Kukui Corporation, a developer of marketing software solutions, will host its first trade show for the automotive repair industry February 21-22, 2014. The event will be held at Kukui’s San Jose headquarters and will feature a wide spectrum of exhibitors as well as educational seminars presented by the industry’s leading experts.

“Through our interactions with our clients, we’ve discovered that many shop owners are hungry for the opportunity to network with each other and learn more about how to tackle the business challenges they face daily,” said Todd Westerlund, president of U.S. Operations for Kukui Corp. “We hope this inaugural show will help satisfy that need.”

Kukui’s Trade Show includes a slate of high-profile speakers, including: Maylan Newton, CEO of Educational Seminars Institute, Scooter Owens, Director of Sales for RO Writer, Jim Silverman, National Account Manager for the Automotive Training Institute and Greg Sands, owner of more than 30 automotive repair shops and CEO of Mudlick Mail. The event will feature seminars tackling such topics as leadership, marketing, technology and debt alternatives.

The trade show will also include the second annual Kukui Industry Awards, which recognize repair shops in a variety of categories. Awards include: Superior Customer Service, Hybrid Shop of the Year, Technician of the Year, Service Writer of the Year and Shop of the Year.

To RSVP for this unique event, contact Christina Solorzano, Kukui’s Director of Marketing and Communications, 877-912-7448 or Christina(at)Kukui(dot)com

More information about the trade show an also be found at:

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