What is Kukui DVI?

The Kukui DVI improves the way shops communicate with customers and creates full transparency for the motorist into the repair process. With the Kukui DVI, technicians will find ease in uploading photos, video, notes, and annotations along with a simple recommendation list. The easy to use mobile application provides a more personalized and detailed way of communicating vehicle inspection results to customers - which is proven to increase repair orders by 20% or more.

Bring your inspections to the 21st Century

Built from the ground up by Kukui engineers, the Kukui DVI will help to modernize the way your shop performs vehicle inspections.

Deploying a mobile device based digital inspection tool enables technicians to show customers exactly what they see. By sharing photos, video, and voice to text notes, with inspection results, your customers will have a much clearer picture of their car's health in a more intimate, and personal way. This creates a strong level of trust between the motorist and the shop.

Seamless CRM Integration

Kukui’s DVI integrates right into our state-of-the-art CRM system, making it easier than ever to share digital inspection reports with customers straight from the dashboard via email or text. Did your customer already come in to take care of the repair you recommended? Since our system integrates directly with your management system, service reminders and recommendations are always up-to-date so that you always send them relevant information about what their vehicle needs.

kukui dvi beta

Now available in Beta

Help us make Kukui DVI the best digital inspection tool in the industry! We are opening up a Beta testing program exclusively to our current customers.

Simply ask your Client Marketing Specialist for information on how to get started.