How Kukui’s All-in-One Marketing Success Platform Helped Toole’s Garage Manage and Track Revenue, Growth.

Success story by David TooleOwner of Toole's garage

Success story by David Toole Owner of Toole's garage

At a Glance

Automotive and hybrid repair

Located in San Carlos, CA

Joined Kukui in March 2012

needed business growth and tracking

Why Kukui

  • Transparent Lead Tracking and Reporting
  • Dedicated Marketing Support
  • Robust AdWords Program


Founded in 1983, Toole’s Garage is a premier Auto Repair and Hybrid Repair Shop serving the city of San Carlos in California.
Originally founded as one of the very first Honda Specialty shops in the Peninsula, Toole’s expanded the business to include Hybrid maintenance and repair in 2012.
With the business transforming to include a specialized form of service, Toole’s Garage required a business CRM to track retention and attrition rates, marketing ROI and an automated email marketing solution.

Toole's garage team
“Being able to identify the real ROI on your marketing dollars is priceless. So many companies tell you their ROI but with Kukui it is much more accurate.”
Audra Toole
Toole's CP Dashboard

Better Software,
Better Shop

The key to Toole’s Garage’s success during their transition from auto repair to auto + hybrid repair was transparent tracking of lead sources. Prior to Kukui’s All-In-One Marketing Success Platform, the business had no way to accurately track where customers were coming from, periodic attrition rate and recurrent growth projection.

Revenue Tracking Dashboard
"If you’re looking for an outside of the box software marketing company that is capable of showing detailed business statistics, the Kukui Control Panel gives visibility into what’s real.”
David Toole

Consistent Growth
Each Year

Before partnering with Kukui, Toole’s Garage generated an annual revenue of $400K. Each year since implementing the All-In-One Marketing Success solution, Toole’s have seen:

new customers
via ads
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