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Why text messaging?

Mobile phone adoption is close to 100% for adults in the US and Canada. Think about the last time you received a text message and you didn’t open it or at least pick up your phone to see who it was. How often have you gone out and left your phone at home? A KPMG survey showed that most people would feel more comfortable without their wallet than their phone if they left it at home or lost it.

Text messages instill a sense of urgency and the short and sweet nature of text messaging helps to get straight to the point.

Text messaging is the most preferred method of communication for consumers.

A text message lets you engage your audience instantly and elicit an immediate response.


A text message is a perfect channel for businesses that want or need to get their customers’ attention right away. A text message also begins to establish a relationship with the customer that is personal and engaging. This builds trust, which is key to retaining a strong connection between the shop and the customer.

Kukui Text Marketing

Explore new grounds for customer engagement
text marketing

Text message marketing is the act of sending announcements, alerts, coupons, special deals, and other information to a select audience via text message to their mobile device. A “Text Blast” is like an “Email Blast” but simply a quicker, easier and more direct way of reaching your customer. The condensed message format forces the sender to craft the content of their message with a clear Call To Action (CTA) each time.

Good to know
Text Marketing Requires an Opt-in

According to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), you’ll need to get your customers’ explicit permission to send them marketing text messages. This is called an Opt-In. Before you can begin sending Text Marketing campaigns, you will need to build your list.

Desktop Texting
Easily reach out to your entire customer base

Customers respond to text messages, but you don’t want your team members to use their personal phones for business texting. By eliminating business texting on personal cell phones, you will increase sales or support productivity while improving security. Text messages are crafted and sent right from your desktop through the Kukui Control panel directly to your customers cell phone.

Campaign Dashboard
Track the success of your campaign

A complete history of completed, ongoing, and scheduled campaigns is displayed on the Campaign Dashboard. An intuitive message wizard walks the user through the creation of the message content. A simple message window is provided for message entry and pre-defined templates are available for inspiration. Fields for customer name, shop name, and last visit data are also available. You can even schedule campaigns to begin immediately, or go out at a pre-defined day and time.

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Kukui Text Reviews

Automatic reputation management

The Text Reviews Module uses automated texting to generate more reviews. Reviews are the new word-of-mouth. Kukui Reviews was built to generate more reviews for your shop, on your website, and across the most common online directories like Google and Facebook.

Control Your Online Reputation

Don’t leave reviews management to chance and don’t try to do it alone. Like you use the best tools in your shop, use the best software tools integrated with your SMS/POS/CRM data to automate the process of managing reviews.

Automatic Review Capture

Kukui Reviews detects when a customer has concluded a repair, automatically sending them an email or text message to leave your shop feedback.

Kukui Text Retention

Build trust and loyal with clear and consistent communication

The Text Retention Module allows KUKUI shops to setup ongoing text campaigns based on a variety of criteria/triggers. You can use any of the preloaded default campaigns or customize your own campaign to get your message in front of the right customers. Once a campaign is set up, texts are automatically sent to customers matching your criteria.

Efficient Communication

Texts are a much more efficient and personal way to communicate with customers. Now KUKUI shops can us text retention campaigns to build relationships and encourage future appointments.

Preferred Communication

Most customers prefer to communicate by text instead of email or phone calls. Texting makes it easier for shops to follow up and communicate with customers using their preferred method.

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