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Customized online marketing

Great Online Marketing Is Not About Taking A One Size Fits All Approach

90% of consumers now use search engines to shop locally. We understand that a customized marketing approach is necessary to help business owners reach their goals. We don’t churn out marketing campaigns indiscriminately. We design marketing programs with a high degree of specificity using data, research, and creativity to drive results and boost sales. Whether you want to target a key audience, increase leads, or simply build brand awareness, we’ll use our expertise to help you reach your goals.

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Conversion rate optimization

300% Higher Conversion Rates Than Industry Average

On average, Internet browsers spend 10-20 seconds on a website. We know how important those precious few seconds are to business owners. Kukui websites are built to drive quality leads with professional, effective, and scientifically proven designs that are sure to boost sales. Every website designed by our expert team incorporates elements that will build trust between you and your customers. More importantly, our websites reflect the personality and creativity of their owners.

  • KUKUI: All-in-One Success Platform
  • KUKUI: All-in-One Success Platform
  • KUKUI: All-in-One Success Platform

Customer relationship management

A Business Philosophy, Not A Technical Solution

We know that business owners value their customers and require a depth of information to better serve them. We strongly believe that it is a business philosophy, not a technical solution. By integrating with your shop management system, the Kukui Success Platform is able to provide crucial customer information and quality data so that your business can build loyalty throughout the customer life cycle. Seamlessly view, manage, and organize all points of contact in one easy-to-use dashboard.

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Revenue tracking

View Your Marketing Success In One Place

Smart business owners know that revenue is the most important metric to assess performance. But we’ve also learned that smart business owners include several other key performance indicators to help them make intelligent decisions for their business. Whether you’re looking to study your marketing performance, your average revenue per customer, or your lead conversion rate, our easy-to-read dashboard offers real marketing statistics and revenue tracking to help you make the best decision for your business.

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Search engine marketing

Intelligent Design and High Visibility

It’s difficult to compete in a constantly shifting landscape. It's important to have a beautiful website, but even the most attractive website will suffer if it is not search engine optimized. We don’t believe that anyone should spend thousands of dollars on search engine marketing. We maintain that a smart design built on relevance and quality is of utmost importance. Kukui offers tools that are sure to make your business the leader in your industry.

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Email Marketing & Retention

Manage and Nurture Your Leads In One Place

At least 91% of consumers check their email every day. But with everyone blasting email campaigns, it’s difficult to rise above the spam hubbub. Kukui’s Success Platform offers a personal touch that’s proven to build brand awareness, increase sales, and strengthen customer relationship. And with the help of a knowledgeable marketing coordinator, it’s easier than ever to nurture lead generation and remind customers who you are. Plus, Kukui offers easy-to-use tools to track campaign success in one platform.

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Dedicated Marketing Director

Your Very Own Personal Cheerleader and Marketing Support

It is important to keep up to date on the latest trends in advertising and marketing. We know that business owners are busy making sure their shops run smoothly, so we handle the bevy of things necessary to promote your business. A dedicated marketing director will help oversee your marketing, design personalized campaigns, and implement strategies that best suit your business needs. Most of all, our marketing specialists are detail-oriented and highly educated individuals who are passionate about your business.

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