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An easy way to stay connected with your customers

Kukui Postcards make it easier to stay connected with your customers. Postcards are a valuable tool that helps you keep your customers coming back to your shop. Our unique system scans your Point-of-Sale database and finds customers needing services, automatically scheduling a postcard to be sent out on your behalf.

Why use Kukui Postcards?

Branded Designs
Our postcards are designed with your shop in mind. Everything from your logo, shop colors, even team photos help remind your customer about you.

When you start a postcard campaign, you can "set it & forget it”. Our system automatically prioritizes which customers to send a postcard to each month based on your budget.

Track Your ROI
Shop owners know that revenue is the most important metric to assess marketing performance. Track your postcard ROI straight from the Kukui Dashboard.

Advanced System
Our highly advanced algorithm can sift through your POS database to determine who needs a repair, the last time they visited, and services you recommended.

Some fresh examples from our designs

Postcard 1Postcard 2Postcard 3Postcard 4

Ready to get started with Kukui Postcards? Before we begin the postcard process, there are a couple of things we need from you:

Postcard Budget
& Credit Card Info

Shop Logo (Vector
format if possible)

Special Offers
(Up to 2)

High Quality Personal
Photos (Optional)

Step 1. Getting Started

Before you begin, you must decide your budget which determines how many postcards will be sent out for the month or campaign.

Once you decide on the general goal of your postcard campaign and featured specials (up to 2), our team will begin working on some designs, tailored made to your shop’s branding and colors.

You will receive an email with two different design previews, and the opportunity to either approve or request changes.

Shop owners should start this step three weeks before they expect postcard delivery to customers' mailbox.

Step 2. Choose your campaign type

Kukui provides a wide variety of postcard packages from our New Customer Acquisition Postcards, to repair reminders and seasonal greetings - all automated and uniquely created for your business. We offer the following campaigns:


New Customer Acquisition Postcards

Introduce your shop to your community with our New Customer Acquisition postcard campaign. We guide you through choosing the best delivery radius that will bring your shop branding to the mailboxes of potential new customers looking for a shop near them.

Factory Recommended Services Based on manufacturer guidelines, our system looks through your POS database to determine which of your customers are due for a repair. A postcard is sent to your customer with a list of services recommended by the manufacturer.
Click here to see example.

Factory Recommended Service Reminders Template

Shop Recommended Service Reminder When a customer brings their car to your shop, your technicians may recommend specific services that need to be performed in the near future. Our system pulls these recommendations from your POS and sends your customer a postcard reminder when it is time for the repair.
Click here to see example.

Shop Recommended Service Reminders Template

Declined Service Reminders We understand that there are times where your customers would decline recommended services at the time of check out. We can automatically send a postcard reminder of those services recommended, a predetermined number of days after the customer has checked out.

Lost Customer Outreach There are many reasons why a great customer may not visit your shop for a while. If a customer hasn’t been in for several months to a year, our Lost Customer campaign sends them a postcard with a special offer, giving them an incentive to visit the shop again and keep their car well-maintained.
Click here to see example.

Lost Customer Outreach Template

Thank You Postcards Building customer trust takes time and a lot of hard work. Luckily, our Thank You postcard campaign makes it a little easier to follow up with your first-time customers after they visit your shop, letting them know you appreciate them choosing your business.
Click here to see example.

Thank You Postcards Template

Holiday Campaign Holidays are a great way to reach out to your customers to not only continue building your relationship, but to also let them know about any new seasonal specials. We have a completely gallery of all our season designs - check them out here:

Step 3. Track Your Campaign

Kukui makes it easy to track your postcards over the course of the campaign. With the help of tracking numbers, you can track which customers called your shop because of your postcards - helping you determine the ROI. Our Control Panel also provides an overview of your budget, how many postcards have been sent, and what customers will be on your next mailing.

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