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Automotive Coaching and Training

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The ACT Group was designed and built to fill what the CEO of The ACT Group felt was a void in the Automotive Coaching and Training industry. “For far too long we have been coached & trained to only do things one way”! The ACT Groups focus since conception is to look at different ways of doing things, not just what worked 30+ years ago as most still teach! The industry has changed, business has changed, and coaching & training needs to change to match it. Because every one of The ACT Group associates participates within this industry daily, they have a better understanding of today’s issues.

The ACT Group is a company built on the experiences of many years in nothing but the automotive field. In fact, most of the ACT Group Coaches & Trainers are specifically automotive trained and have come up through the ranks as Technicians, Service Advisors, Managers, General Managers and Owners of automotive facilities. It is through those experiences as well as the experiences working in literally hundreds of facilities across the country that we provide a useful, current and relevant skill set to move your business forward.

Whether it is Owner, Manager, Group or Individual Service Advisor training, the ACT Group is laser-focused on you achieving your goals because we are “Committed to your Success”.

Institute for Automotive Business Excellence

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The Institute for Automotive Business Excellence is a nationally respected company that guides business owners to achieve profitable, sustainable success in this industry through proven strategies and best practices. Our mission at the Institute is to improve the quality and accessibility of business education while reducing the cost. We do this by taking advantage of multiple tools, small seminars, phone consultation, concept classes and webinars just to name a few. Our unique business structure allows us to deliver quality education for much less than traditional models.

The consultants at The Institute provide comprehensive instruction needed to take your business forward. They know the landscape of the automotive industry today and are working every day towards paving new pathways for creating and maintaining customers.

Educational Seminars Institute (ESi)

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ESi is run by automotive professionals that, just like most of you, have spent most of their professional lives in the automotive industry. Each of the associate instructors or consultants/coaches have been in the automotive industry for at least 20 years. It is this experience and expertise that they bring to the table in everything they do!

“Independent Solutions for Individual Needs” is not just a statement pulled from thin air; it is a way of life for every Team ESi associate! You’ll see this statement on most of the ESi marketing materials because we believe treating everyone’s automotive businesses in a “cookie cutter” fashion accomplishes very little. However, if we address each person’s businesses as an individual business with different circumstances, different demographics, and different specialties we will achieve a higher level of success every time!

Automotive Training Institute

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Kukui is grateful to welcome Automotive Training Institute (ATI) as a member of Kukui Certified Coaches.

Kukui Certified coaches and coaching organizations are evaluated across several criteria including; how they help shop owners improve their business and their well being, their longevity and sustainability in the industry, and their commitment both the industry and the community. After visiting 100's of shops across north America and reviewing before and after data to determine how ATI has driven their success, we ask them one question would they recommend ATI to another shop owner. The answer was always yes.

"Our coaching team lives by our mission of driving both profits and dreams for our clients making them a success in their business and personal lives. And Kukui Certified stands for these same goals. ATI is proud to be a founding member of Kukui Certified Coaches."
-- Bryan Stash, ATI/Vice President

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