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Business messaging

The gold standard of customer support used to be following up in under 15 minutes. Some consider follow up within the hour to be world-class. But in the new always-on, always-connected economy, 15 minutes is unacceptable. How long someone has to wait for a response from your shop makes all the difference in building a relationship, closing business, and delighting a valued customer.

Today everyone is always connected, ready to engage, and communicate on their terms. It’s true of our customers, and it's true of our team members too. Think about how you interact with your friends, your family, and the shop team. Text messaging likely plays a huge part. We don’t pick up the phone and call even our best friends anymore without sending a text to check and see if now is a good time to talk.


Real-time customer and team collaboration system

A text-enabled real-time strategy isn’t only for communication with customers, however. Your internal team can work more efficiently and authentically by cutting unnecessary back and forth and reducing communication bottlenecks. Text messaging, live-chat messaging, and internal team messaging are the cornerstones of a real-time approach. It's all about short, instant messages that can get you from A to Z, from confusion to clarity, in no time flat.

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Introducing Connect


We would like to introduce Kukui Connect, the most advanced customer and team collaboration system built specifically for the automotive aftermarket industry. Kukui Connect enables your shop team to connect, collaborate, and get more done. You’ll be able to conveniently manage and respond to every message across multiple channels, all from one platform.

Consolidate interactions on one screen

With multiple "Slack-like" channels, all interactions from both customers, and team members are delivered to your screen so you can respond quickly without jumping from inbox to inbox. You’ll have context for every conversation with a complete history of every interaction. Any team member can pick up the discussion at any time.

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Consolidate interactions on one screen

Kukui Connect supports the creation of team channels allowing individual discussion threads for topics like parts ordering, instant communication between technicians and the front desk, or team chat. And, adding multiple team members to a customer channel ensures that no message goes unanswered. Connect with your customers on their favorite channels, whether they started on Facebook, Google, Instagram, text messaging, or even your website.

One messaging platform
Multiple ways to access

Kukui Connect is designed to allow team members to interact from the platform where it makes the most sense.

full version
mobile version
desktop version

A stand-alone web-based app gives team members a dedicated screen for communication.

full version
mobile version
desktop version

A native mobile app (Android or IOS) gives team members access to information on the go. Never miss a customer communication after hours or when you're out of the shop. Technicians can easily record messages and pictures during a test drive.

full version
mobile version
desktop version

Kukui Connect is also fully integrated into the Kukui Dashboard with messaging features similar to those found in social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Delight your customers with the efficiency
of business texting

Business Texting

Customers respond to text messages, but you don't want people to use their personal phones for business texting. By eliminating business texting on personal cell phones, your company increases sales or support productivity while improving security.

How do you benefit from Kukui Connect?

  • Text your customers from a single published business phone number
  • Track all messages from your shop in one place.
  • Improve customer satisfaction instantly
  • Get responses within minutes
  • Communicate the way your customers communicate
  • Differentiate your shop with more convenient communications
  • Increase team productivity

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