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Videos are a consumers’ favorite type of content to see from a brand. Are your customers hearing from your brand?
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Dominate customer marketing with video Shop Videos Designed to Attract
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One of the best ways to connect with customers today is through video. Video is important for engaging and attracting customers, marketing your business specialties, and for recruiting Top-Tier technicians. And, not only is video a great way to tell your story but it can also provide a substantial increase in the SEO quality of your website. While the idea of recording and producing these videos might seem daunting, it is something that Kukui can do for you easily and professionally, building your video message right into your Kukui website.

marketers get

66%more qualified
leads per year

(Optinmonster, 2019)
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Videos are a
favorite type

of content to see from a
brand on social media.

(Animoto, 2018)
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KUKUIShop videos

Kukui Shop Videos are shot on-site at your shop by a nationwide crew of experienced videographers. You’ll be guided through the process at every step by a dedicated project manager who will coordinate the video shoot to meet your schedule and help you prepare for your Close-Up! You’ll be well informed about what you need to say, wear and who to have on-site the day of the shoot. And when you’re ready to go, the video team will spend a half-day with you and your crew at your shop getting enough video to tell your story.

3 videos targeted to drive your success

Once back in the studio, our expert video editing team produces three videos targeted to drive your success. First, the main video is an introduction to your shop that delivers your value proposition and showcases your team and your services. It shows your customers an inside view into the shop so they know what to expect when they arrive and will already be able to recognize the faces at the front desk. A second video features testimonials from your customers about the experiences they have had. Who needs to read an online review when they can watch and listen to an actual customer sing your praises. Finally, a third video is targeted on recruitment and features interviews with your team about what they like best about working for your business.


placement & optimizing for better conversion

The final step of the process is the placement of your videos on your home page and on specially built landing pages that are optimized to increase your website conversion. Your videos are also designed to be interactive allowing viewers to click right on the video itself at various times to set an appointment or contact you directly. You can even add a clickable coupon or other action to drive engagement.

betetr conversion

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Dominate customer marketing with video


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