• Kukui joins Richard Rawlings for Season 2 of Garage Rehab

    Kukui joins Richard Rawlings for Garage Rehab

    Over the past several months Kukui joined Richard Rawlings and crew for the second season of the hit Discovery Channel program Garage Rehab. Kukui supports the shop featured in each episode with a new website designed to help them revitalize their marketing efforts and achieve ultimate success.

    In the Garage Rehab series, Richard Rawlings and his team travel the country to find struggling shops that need help. In each episode, Rawlings takes over a shop, making all decisions for the business as he works to revamp and revitalize the enterprise using his entrepreneurial savvy, deep knowledge of the auto industry and marketing skills to transform the struggling garages into profitable businesses.

    Garage Rehab“We just wrapped Garage Rehab season two and I can't wait for the premiere in September!” said Richard Rawlings. “When I invest in a garage, not only do we rehab the shop, we also rehab the shops marketing with a new high-end website built by Kukui. If I’m working hard to rehab the garage, I want people to know about it!. Kukui makes it happen. If you run a garage and don't have a website check them out.”

    Kukui’s mission is to enable auto repair shops to succeed with the tools and support they need, allowing shops owners to focus on doing what they do best. With over a decade of success focusing specifically on the auto repair industry, Kukui brings cutting-edge technologies that consistently deliver results. From dynamic websites designed to attract the most profitable clients to a comprehensive dashboard offering advanced metrics showing your online success in an intuitive easy to use format. In the Garage Rehab project, shops start with a custom branded website and Kukui works with them after the show to continue improving their marketing efforts.

    “The entire Kukui team worked very hard for this. I am humbled and grateful to have been part of this program,” said Todd Westerlund, CEO of Kukui. “Beyond the excitement of being part of this amazing series, the notion of helping to revitalize a struggling shop falls right in line with Kukui’s primary objective of helping shops achieve success. We are really looking forward to watching each of these shops grow and exceed even their own expectations. I am really looking forward to Season 2 and beyond ”

    Season two of Garage Rehab begins in September on Discovery Channel and Kukui will be working with the featured shops throughout the program to help them succeed.


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  • Kukui now supports TireConnect integration

    Kukui developers are continually adding new integration support for software that we believe will help our clients succeed. Kukui now supports TireConnect website integration for clients that may be using that service. 

    With TireConnect you are in control of your inventory, tire and labor prices. Their software gives you access to major wholesalers’ inventory automatically and provides you with tools to add your in-stock tires. Check out how Kukui + TireConnect can help you increase tire sales below.

    Kukui Website Integration
    Make it easy for your customers to find the tires they need with the help of Kukui websites and TireConnect. The TireConnect portal seamlessly integrates with Kukui landing pages, generating an easy-to-use tool for your customers to find the tires they need. You have the opportunity to display as much information as you'd like, or if you prefer to have your customers call you to request information that is possible as well. 

  • "Do-it-Yourself SEO" Webinar

    Trisha Vasquez, Sr. Regional Manager of Kukui, and Kaeli Gardner, Marketing Manager at, partnered up for an insightful "Do-It-Yourself SEO" webinar.

    Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, can be an intimidating topic for small business owners. This webinar will walk you through the definition and importance of SEO, and how you can get started on making your website more Google-friendly.

    Check out the video re-cap below:

    For questions or to request a demo:

    Trisha Vasquez - Kukui

    [email protected] | (408) 667-9051

    Kaeli Gardner -

    [email protected] | (805) 409-3603

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  • "You Can't Improve What You Don't Measure" Webinar

    For our first webinar of 2016, Trisha Vasquez, Regional Sales Manager of Kukui, and Scott Thorley, President of Automotive Management Solutions, partnered up for our "You Can't Improve What You Don't Measure" webinar.

    They discussed the importance of R.O. Writer Integration and Marketing Tracking, and learning how everything ties in with your return on investment.

    Missed the webinar? Check out the video re-cap below:

    (Webinar starts at 4:15 - please fast forward)

    For questions or to request a demo:

    Trisha Vasquez - Kukui

    [email protected] | (408) 667-9051

    Scott Thorley - AMS R.O. Writer

    [email protected] | (919) 363-6234

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  • Pickering's Auto Service Center Success Story

    Growing with Kukui

    Since we began utilizing Kukui’s services in 2014, our visibility on the Internet has improved considerably. The customized website Kukui created and optimized for us has allowed us to develop and maintain a consistent brand identity across multiple online sources as well as our other various marketing channels. Our ability to effortlessly track conversion rates, match revenue and analyze data statistics right from the dashboard has granted us the opportunity to make educated marketing decisions that have positively impacted our marketing efforts. 

    Having one dashboard, one account manager, and one company to manage our marketing needs has made our marketing much more seamless. Our account manager knows our vision, our strategy and our goals and works diligently to help us accomplish them. Kukui overall has allowed us to manage, measure and improve our marketing much more efficiently and effectively.

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